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Have you explored all your options?
Once you receive your mortgage renewal statement, there’s nothing easier than simply signing on for another term. But while this may make sense in many cases, your family or financial situation may have changed. We can look for opportunities that could better meet your needs.

Are you comfortable with your payments?
If you’ve been feeling financially strapped each month making your mortgage payments, this could be the time to reduce them to a more manageable level. On the other hand, if you’re earning more, why not pay down your mortgage faster, saving thousands in interest!

Do you need cash flow for other things?
Your priorities may have shifted since you first bought your home, and your cash flow needs to shift too. Things like paying for a child’s education, planning a career change, or a major purchase may call for spending money on things other than your home. You may be able to refinance your mortgage to take this into account.

Can you handle fluctuating rates?
Some homeowners are nervous about any hikes in interest rates, while others are comfortable to go with the flow. Rates are tough to predict. It’s best to base your decision on your personal situation, not what you read in the news. We can help you decide whether to opt for fixed or variable rates.

Will you sell soon?
If you are likely to sell soon, consider a shorter term mortgage or one that has more flexible terms so you’re not penalized if you sell your house before the mortgage comes due.

Are you thinking about a major renovation?
You know that projects such as a new kitchen or an addition can make your home more valuable. But the cost of having the work done can tie up a lot of money. Before you renew, look at all your financing options, which may include getting an additional line of credit or keeping your mortgage payments low so you can have money on hand to finance the renovations.

When do you want to be ‘mortgage-free’?
If you’re planning extended time away from work or perhaps an early retirement, it may make sense to pay down your mortgage sooner, rather than later. While increasing your payments will raise your monthly payments now, ultimately you will save on interest and can prepare for that fabulous mortgage-free lifestyle!

Could you use your home equity to fulfill other goals?
Refinancing a mortgage can be one way to free up cash you need for other things, which could even include buying another property. Mortgage renewal time is an ideal occasion to review all your options.

Have your insurance needs changed?
If your financial situation has changed since you first took out your mortgage, review whether you need the same level of insurance in place to cover mortgage obligations.

Are you getting the best rates & terms?
In a competitive mortgage environment, your good credit history can make refinancing work to your advantage. We analyze mortgage markets daily to ensure you don’t miss any money saving opportunities.