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We know spending March break at home can be a bit nerve-wracking: how on earth will you entertain the littles all week, especially if the weather is bad?  To help, we asked around and collected the best ideas to keep everyone busy and happy—without breaking the bank.

Visit a Museum, Library, Aquarium or Science Centre
With the perfect mix of learning and fun, these are always a great place to go with the kids.

Have a Circus Day
Go to the circus?  Heck no!  Bring it home instead!  Make popcorn, hot dogs and watch a circus-themed movie while you paint each other’s faces.  Apply some face paint, read a few circus-themed books, and snuggle up with all the stuffed animals you can find.

Have a Day at the Beach
Go for a swim at the local pool and then have a picnic either out (in a mall food court, lunch out at a restaurant or set up a blanket and have one at home).

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt
Create a list of things, people or places for the kids to find, set them loose (with supervision, if necessary) to find the items on their list.  Be sure to have a prize for the winner, and prizes for the other players.

Have a Relaxing Spa Day
Arrange the bathroom or a bedroom like a spa.  Take out all the moisturizers and sweet smelling oils you have and let them go crazy.  Put on nail polish and even some makeup and give each other a hand massage.  Pamper them and yourself at the same time.

Go for a Nature Hike
Spend some time in the great outdoors, whether it’s at a provincial park or just a forest nearby.  Make a day trip of it and pack a lunch and snacks, and don’t forget to bring lots of water and sunscreen!

Camp in Your Living Room
Instead of the usual movie night have a camp-out.  Eat easy, simple food for dinner and then serve the fixing for smores for dessert.  Everyone can even sleep on the floor in sleeping bags and have a round of ghost stories before bed.

Mini Chefs
Let them pick what’s for dinner or dessert.  Take them to the store to get the ingredients and allow them to choose the veggies or fruits that go into it.  Then get them to help out in the kitchen or just supervise while they cook, depending on how old they are.  Make sure you’re stocked up on things like sprinkles, cookie cutters, and muffin cups if they want to do a serious baking session!

Go Skating
Don’t forget to have hot chocolate and stay warm.  Wear layers and just enjoy the sound of skates on ice for a while. Pad the kids with snow pants, helmets and jackets so if they fall it won’t hurt.