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This is a picture of myself and one of our superstar Mortgage Agents, Joe Aiello.

Joe recently persuaded me to join a pickleball league with him. We’re having a blast!

This is my first experience with pickleball, and it’s been very humbling.

Just the other day, we got taken to school by a couple of ladies who were at least 10-15 years my senior…

It was fun though… I was able to pick up a few tips and tricks from these “real pickleball-ers”… see you in the Finals, ladies! We’ll be ready for you!

Joe is a great guy. And he just happens to also be a very good Mortgage Agent.

Joe’s story is pretty cool…

Joe is a P. Eng. and in 2021 he retired from his corporate career working as an Electrical Engineer.

Joe is only in his early 50’s. Pretty impressive to be able to retire so young!

Although he made a good income working as an Engineer, Joe wasn’t able to retire early because of his corporate salary.

Joe made some very smart financial decisions along the way.

He started investing wisely at a young age.

He invested his RRSP’s in the financial markets, and then outside of his RRSP’s, when he could save enough for a down payment, he would invest those funds in real estate.

Eventually, not being satisfied with the returns made on his RRSP’s, Joe started seeking out alternative investments and stumbled across investing in Private Mortgages.

That is what led Joe to UCC. He came to us to ask if we could help him get started using his RRSP money to invest in mortgages.

Joe took a liking to investing in mortgages, and this quickly became his preferred investment vehicle.

Being smart with his money and seeking greater than-average returns, is what allowed Joe to eventually transition from being a full-time employee to a full-time investor.

Just before quitting his 9-5, Joe also became a licensed Mortgage Agent. Initially, he did it so that he could go out a solicit his own private mortgage investment opportunities.

Eventually, Joe began to really enjoy mortgage brokering and became very good at it.

Being an investor himself, Joe gravitated towards helping other real estate investors with their mortgage needs.

Real estate investors are not the easiest clients. That’s not a knock on the investors themselves, but lenders just don’t make it easy for investors.

Joe has become an expert. I’m always amazed at how he’s able to piece together a deal from what initially looks like an impossible situation.

I bring all this up not only to highlight Joe and his accomplishments, but I think it’s very inspiring to hear about the every-day folks who are succeeding in our increasingly complicated financial system.

What Joe has accomplished is not easy! And it’s only getting more difficult, especially here in Canada.

Check out this Tweet (can we still call them Tweets??), from Hanif Bayat, from WOWA.

The blue line represents the United States and the red line, Canada. This is a scary chart.

A guy like Joe was able to use his disposable income to invest and get ahead.

Currently (and likely going forward), if somebody buys a house, it’s going to demand a whole lot more of their disposable income.

Therefore, It’s going to get a whole lot more difficult to accomplish what Joe did.

Shoot, it’s going to get a whole lot more difficult to even have the same social life that Joe has.

Actually, don’t use Joe as your barometer when comparing social lives… he just plays pickleball and writes mortgages all day… not all that exciting! 😉

The moral of the story, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to get ahead financially.

More than ever, it’s important to be wise with your money and your investment choices.

If you want to get ahead financially, get advice from people who have already succeeded.

Ask questions. Find out how they were able to win at the financial game.

Talk to guys like Joe!

That’s all for this week!

Until next time,

P.S. I’m serious about reaching out to Joe. His email address is